Banana Bag Oral Solution

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Banana Bag Oral Solution

Drink your IV!  Medical Grade Electrolyte & vitamin packets.  (ages 14 & up) Dissolve the contents of one packet into 8-16 ounces of water and drink once daily as needed for dehydration and/or vitamin supplementation  

Each box contains 30 single-use packets

One single-use packet contains

Sodium: 410 mg, Potassium 120 mg. Chloride: 780 mg, Dextrose: 3.7 grams, Vitamin C: 750 mg, Vitamin B-Complex*

Mild Oraganic Lemon-Lime Flavor, however, this will NOT taste sweet in any way.

No artifical or non-caloric sweeteners, No preservatives, No dyes, No artificial flavors, No GMOs, No Gluten

*Full spectrum, high dose B-complex with L-Methylfolate & Methylcobalamin