Sugar Sand Exfoliating Glove

Sugar Sand Tan

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Sugar Sand Exfoliating Glove

Want New Skin?

Our BEACH BABE EXFOLIATING GLOVE will make you feel like you have NEW SKIN!

You will see VISIBLE SKIN PEELING Results, Removing all your Dead and Dry Skin! 

Skin Feels like Velvet!

The best deep exfoliation for PRE/POST Tanning!

Perfect to use to Prep your skin for a longer-lasting Tan and great for removing any residual tan product that may still remain on the skin after tanning! 


  • Smooth Skin Texture
  • Remove Dead and Dry Flaky Skin
  • Remove Sunless Tan
  • Prep Skin for a Flawless Sunless Tan
  • Gives You Soft Glowing Skin
  • Unblock Skin Pores
  • Prevent Ingrown Hair
  • Reduce Acne and Breakouts
  • Helps Reduce Stretch Marks and Scarring
  • Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage to Reduce Inflammation
  • Promote Collagen and Elastin Production to Accelerate New Skin Cell Creation
  • Helps Fade Age Spots
  • Firms and Tones Skin with Continued Use

100% Plant Based and Chemical Free

Plant Based Fibers are woven together to create this Organic Fabric Textile used in our Glove!

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